Rick Foley Investigations, LLC
Licensed - Insured - Bonded
A Private Investigations Company


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When you need experienced and professional Private Investigators, we know that Rick Foley Investigations, LLC has the right team to fit your investigative needs.  Rick Foley Investigations, LLC has dedicated investigators that go above and beyond what most Private Investigators provide. 

Sensitivity towards our clients
Commitment and dedication
Licensed and experienced investigators
Flexibility to work around your needs
Open communication
Accurate assessment of your claim or needs
Attention to detail
The majority of our investigators have law enforcement backgrounds with various expertise to serve your needs.
The Investigative Team
Our team of dedicated professional investigators are well-versed in many specialized areas.  We will not advocate for you in an area in which we are not experienced.  Our team brings a diverse background to the table, allowing us to serve you in various investigative areas.  This gives Rick Foley Investigations, LLC an edge when dealing with complex matters.  Often, more than one area of expertise is required.  With Rick Foley Investigations, LLC, there is no need to hire a multitude of investigative firms.  We can provide you with comprehensive support in many area.